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The "Palm Beacher" Gift Box Set

Makes a great Holiday gift idea for any Pickle Lover! Beautifully packaged, includes a jar of Dill & Garlic pickles, a jar of Habanero Dill & Garlic pickles as well as a Large classic t-shirt, Palm Beach Pickle jar opener and more. 

Gift box set with a jar of dill & garlic and a jar of habanero pickles, t shirt and jar opener boxed



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The Palm Beach Pickle Company

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With Florida being the third largest producer of cucumbers in the United States it was only natural to create an original "Florida Style" pickle. Satisfying the most avid connoisseur with rounded flavors of fresh dill and rich garlic, each jar is packed to perfection using only the freshest ingredients. Dedicated to the pursuit of uncompromising quality, world famous for a reason, 100% all natural, without artificial flavors or preservatives. Give them a try and see why you'll love them as much as we do!


Yours truly,

Jon  &   Linda D.


“A Little Bit of Florida Sunshine in Every Jar!”

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Gluten free



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With over 25,000 acres of Cucumbers grown annually, Florida ranks third in the United States for value of production, bringing in almost a billion dollars to the states economy each year. By working with local farmers, we see first hand exactly how they progress from planting to harvest insuring only the finest quality ingredients are chosen for the Palm Beach Pickle Company.


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